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International HENP 


Users Workshop 

June 13-15, 2001

Sponsored by the Computing Division,

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


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Open Session 1 - What's New With ROOT

Program with presentations

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The Fermilab Computing Division, along with the ROOT Development Team, hosted ROOT2001, the third workshop on the use of ROOT by High Energy and Nuclear Physics Experiments. As ROOT usage continues to grow within and outside of the HENP community, ROOT2001, building on the success of ROOT 1999 and ROOT 2000 , is intended to provide a forum where developers and users of the product can convene to share the status of their efforts and discuss the future.

The topics to be discussed at ROOT2001 will include:

The workshop will begin with an overall presentation of the status of ROOT from the development team (Rene Brun, Fons Rademakers, Masa Goto, Philippe Canal, Suzanne Panacek, and Bertrand Bellenot). This session is open to the unregistered public. Then will come sessions of technical discussions, grouped by topic, covering different uses of the product. Each session will have a coordinator who will introduce the session and record results from the discussions. Time will be allotted at the end of each session for discussion. The workshop will conclude with a panel discussion about ROOT's place in the future of HEP computing, and a session devoted to a summary of the discussions.

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Program Advisors:

Rene Brun (CERN)

Fons Rademakers (GSI)

Valery Fine (BNL)

Masaharu Goto (Agilent Technologies)

Philippe Canal (Fermilab)

George Irwin (SLAC)

Bob Jacobsen (LBL)

Robert Kennedy (Fermilab)

Local Organizing Committee:

Jeff Kallenbach - 630-840-2210

Andy Beretvas 630-840-2274

Philippe Canal 630-840-2545

Irwin Gaines 630-840-4022

Tim Henning 630-840-6304

Rob Kennedy 630-840-8880

Qizhong Li 630-840-8703

Kaori Maeshima 630-840-3917

Andrey Mayorov 630-840-3859

Suzanne Panacek 630-840-8334

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See Submitted Abstracts

List of Participants

Final Program - Contains Links To Talks

Viewable presentations

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