ROOT 102

ROOT 102 is a sequel to the Introduction to ROOT class. In ROOT 102 you will learn how to use the ROOT objects from the command line and in macros. Specifically you will learn how to do define functions and use them for fitting , how to build ROOT TTrees and write them to files, how to use trees designed by others and use them for your own HEP analysis, how to use CINT for debugging, and how to add your own C++ class to ROOT. ROOT 102 expects an understanding of Object Oriented concepts, C++, and the material in the introductory class.

Follow this link to view the slides from the tutorial. The notes often have step by step instructions on an example of the slide topic. Click here to download the presentation in MS Power Point. Click here for a post script version of the slides.

"Persistence of ROOT Objects " document
Follow this link to download or view the "Persistence" document. This document covers the I/O part of the 102 course in a more detail. It covers how ROOT objects are saved to ROOT files. Specifically we will cover the TFile, TTree, and TBranch classes. The following formats are also available: MS Word on US-Letter size, MS Word on A4 size, Postscript on US-Letter size, Postscript on A4 size, Zip file with the word version, compressed Postscipts Letter size, compressed Postscript A4 size.

Follow this link to download the files you will need to follow the slides.

Follow this link to look at the exercises given in tutorial. For the MS Word version click here.
Follow this link to look at the solutions for the Exercises.

Follow this link for extra tutorials on collection classes and XClasses.

Download the zip file:
Follow this link todownload the zip file with all you need to follow the class on your PC (~15 MB).

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