An Introduction to ROOT (ROOT 101)

Welcome to "An Introduction to ROOT". Physicists are involved in the business of getting data into files, analyzing it, and then producing histogram plots and fits. This tutorial is aimed to the novice ROOT user as the tool for doing this. Hopefully it will get you into using ROOT quickly even if you have little to no knowledge of C++, the language of ROOT commands.

Follow this link to view the slides from the tutorial. The notes often have step by step instructions of how to build the shown image with ROOT. Click here to download the presentation.

Example Files
Follow this link to download the example files for the tutorial and for the "Getting Started with Root" document.
Example Macros
Follow this link to view the macro that creates the example file and is discussed in the tutorial.

Follow this link to look at the exercises given in tutorial.The very first paragraph will show you how to setup root. For the MS Word version click here.

Follow this link to look at the solutions for the Exercises. For the MS Word version click here.

Download the zip file:
Follow this link todownload the zip file with all you need to follow the class on your PC (~5MB).

Getting Started with ROOT
Follow this link to download or view the "Getting Started" document. This is an excellent, short guide to get you started with ROOT. It is more verbose than the slides and covers much of the same and some additional material. The following formats are also available: MS Word on US-Letter size, MS Word on A4 size, Postscript on US-Letter size, Postscript on A4 size, Zip file with the word version, compressed Postscript version.

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